General Science Question for CUET PG 2022

General science for cuet pg 2022. How to qualify cuet pg entrance exam? If you looking the way of qualify of cuet entrance exam then Practice mock test of GK and GS. This is mock test about General Science Question. This is important questions in english. Neet Biology Questions

20 Best General Science Question for CUET PG 2022



#1. What is cause of “Acid Rain”?

#2. Which vitamin is disolved in Water?

#3. Which of the following is a bone of leg?

#4. Which is the cause of Cold?

#5. Growth harmone is secreted by

#6. What do volcanic eruptions release?

#7. Who discovered deuterium?

#8. Which metal use for Making solar cell?

#9. What is Teflon?

#10. What is Dry ice?

#11. Which gas released from paddy field

#12. What is Aspirin?

#13. what are the causes of rotten teeth?

#14. Milk is?

#15. What is valocity of sound in air?

#16. What is human body temperature in kelvin?

#17. Soil erosion can control by

#18. Hydrophytes is ?

#19. What is mooshrum?

#20. Total number of muscles in human body?


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